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The drydown leaves me with something hard to describe, it smells edible, like aromatic herbs.A female co-worker commented that it smelled very manly, which surprised me because i felt it was rather on the delicate side... Update: After wearing this several times, yes I can confirm the smell is Fantastic but I'm getting poor longevity 1 to 1-1/2 hours then it's skin scent city for 3-4 hours.It's very very powdery to my nose with violet dominating. A great scent for a summer day making you feel both cool and classy. The tamarind, cardamon, and nutmeg (spice notes)give the scent an individual identity. Enjoy It is a Lalique so you can't really go wrong with this.On the paper strip, what struck me at first was how clean yet deep it felt.The citrus in the top notes feels mellow next to the blast of pepper, making for a very fresh and zesty opening, but not hesperidic in the conventional way, it does not feel fruity at all.

You know, people who get in real close to their patients in their profession and do not want to offend or annoy. While I loved the note at first, I suffer from viola-domination from the flower or the leaf... " I said, "You can't turn around to me and be like, '£70, bitch! Lalique tip for London: Harrods and Fortnum's are about the only shops that stock Lalique. Fortnum's for loose teas, Harrod's for sitting down to tea - you can do both with the savings on your ebay/Lalique purchases - boom-tish!!! I'm going to sample PDM Galloway as I've read that it has great longevity..the ratings on this say likewise, which is why I blind bought it. Plogic thank you for your review, I was millimeters away from clicking purchase on this when I read your comment of violet. I just think of little white blossoms and it makes me feel happy.I do get that "pencil shaving" type of smell and maybe that's what makes it unique. Clean, fresh, sophisticated, you can dress it up casual or dressed, day or night.Performance is decent This one was love at first smell, but the poor longevity as i tested it on my skin made me doubt whether i should buy it or not.

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